Nakamura takes the Ouza title from Habu

Yesterday, on the 4th game of the Ouza title match Nakamura Taichi won Habu Yoshiharu proclaiming himself the new title holder.

Nakamura, 29 years old, is young shogi player from Tokyo. Nowadays he is the main face of the shogi program at the NHK channel.

Picture of Fujita Aya (center), Satou Yasumitsu (left) and Nakamura Taichi.

Nakamura has become very famous among shogi fans, specially for female fans. He is called ‘The prince of the east’ (西の王子). At the Keikyuu Shogi Matsuri he played against Saitou Shintarou who is know as the prince of the east.

Nakamura took the lead of the match winning the first 2 games and he needed only one more victory. Habu won the 3rd game adding some emotion to the match but Nakamura got his 3rd victory.

This game was played at the Royal Park Hotel in Yokohama. This hotel is on the Landmark Tower, one of the most famous spots of the city. 

They played a exchange bishop opening and Nakamura created a very fast attack on the naked Habu’s king. 

Nakamura got his first big title and he also promoted to 7 dan.

On the last 25 years Habu has lost only once this title, on 2011 against Watanabe Akira, and now against Nakamura. Last year Habu defended his title against Itodani.