1 year anniversary!

Last week shogifan.com became 1 year old!! 

It’s been 1 year since I start to publish the rules and explaining the shogi pieces. The first post was about the king

I explained some strategies like the Yagura castle or some tactics like the Demon killer. There are still many strategies and tactics for explain so please follow this site for learn more about shogi. 

I will also continue talking about many shogi events in Japan. So, if you are planning a visit to Japan don’t doubt in contact me using the contact form or by twitter

Next month there will be the international shogi forum in kitakyuushu and I wont be able to go but I will try to inform about it.

If you want to buy some goods related with shogi but they are only sold in Japan you can contact me so I can buy it and send it to you.

From now on I will try to post more about strategies and ways to learn shogi, this is the main purpouse of this site. If you have any particular opening or subject that you want I talk about just inform me and I will prepare that topic.

I hope this next year more people get interested in shogi around the world!