Sugai Tatsuya steals the Oui title from Habu

On August 30, Sugai Tatsuya (菅井 竜也) got his 4th victory against Habu Yoshiharu and proclaimed himself with the Oui title. He is the first shogi player born in the Heisei era who got a title and this can mark a change.

The final result of the match was 4 – 1 with the victory of the young challenger.

Sugai played a very strange move on his last game, after exchanging bishops on 3c and with his gold on this square he played rook 3b! This is a new move that has never been seen in professional games. On this position is normal to play Rook 2b.

After this, he used the gold and the rook pressure on the third column and a decisive attack against Habu’s king.

You can watch the last game here: Kifu