Tendo Human Shogi: Miura vs Abe game

After the talk of the players and all the other amenities at the morning the game of human shogi between Miura and Abe started.

As the previous day, the Chairman of the game was the feudal lord Oda Nobunaga.

Again, his two vassals needed to fight in front of their Lord.

For this day, the people who play as a shogi piece are selected from many candidates so people from all Japan go to Tendo for becoming a Pawn, a Rook or the King.

From their elevated position, Miura and Abe gave orders to their “soldiers”. As the previous game of Muroya and Nakamura, they were talking to each other and making puns for the general public.

The human pieces need to wait on their position until they were moved. They were dressed in an armor so I think it was quite hard for them.

While the game is going forward it becomes more difficult to tell apart each army. Fujii and Nakamura were explaining the game to the crowd.

The winner of the game was Miura and his army. As the previous day, they celebrated the victory sharing his “loot” with the crowd.

After the game, all the players (Fujii, Miura, Abe, Muroya, and Nakamura) offered a simultaneous exhibition where they played many games at once.

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