New shogi tv show: Shogi Meshi

The manga of Shogi Meshi has got his adaptation to a mini-TV show thanks to the Fuji channel. It is broadcast at 2:30 of Wednesday night but it can rewatch on Fuji on demand app for mobile phone. There are 8 episodes of 20 minutes each.

This manga started last year in August and sold his first volume in January. The second volume started to be sold today in Japan. It is written by Matsumoto Nagisa (with the help of Hirose 8-dan for the games). This mangaka also wrote the manga about shogi “Checkmate and punishment on the board” (盤上の詰みと罰).

This is a fiction manga about Touge Nayuta (峠なゆた, her name is inspired in a shouchuu of Okinawa) and her two passions in life: Shogi and food. Every time she has to chose a meal while she is playing a game she Nayutarou, as her friends call her, always try to order something better than his opponent. The character of Touge is performed by the gravure idol and actress Uchida Rio. She is well known for her role as the main heroine on Kamen Raider Drive.

Some of her friends are Houzan Takayoshi (played by Takoono Taiko) and Kurose Tokihiko (played by Inaba Yu), their names are also based on the name of Japanese alcohol beverage. This two actors appeared too in the drama Kamen Rider Drive.

Here is the trailer for the show: