International Shogi Forum in Kitakyushu

Some information of the next International shogi Forum has been released in Japanese.

It will be held at the International Conference Center the days 28 and 29.  On Friday 27 there will be an eve party with the attendance of some shogi player and some invited players from around the world.

Along this two days, there will be the international tournament where players all around the world will play for decide who is the strongest foreign player!

There will be some other recreation like some charity simultaneous games offered by professional players, signs in cards for autographs or some booths for learning how to make your own shogi pieces.

Meeting location

Saturday 28

There will be a kids tournament all the day besides the preliminary of the international tournament.

Sunday 29

Along the final games of the international tournament, there will be the International Open tournament. Everyone (except people with Japanese nationality) can play this tournament, even the players who got eliminated at the preliminaries the previous day.

The open tournament is divided in A group (from dan to 3 kyuu players) and B group (under 3 kyuu players).

Shogi players

These are the shogi players who will assist to the tournament.

I will post more information when I get it.