Recent news

I’m sorry I won’t be able to update the blog more regularly. I have been quite busy and I couldn’t dedicate the time this blog deserves.

Many things have happened in this weeks while I was away.

Fujii Souta has lost twice

Since the winning strike was growing up everyone was expecting to see who was the player who will beat to Fujii. He lost his 30th game against Sasaki Yuuki. This lost means that Fujii was cut on his way to play the Ryuuou final games.  His second loss was at the Yamada Challenge cup against Sanmaido Tatsuya.

Fujii Souta still has quite impressive numbers. 31 wins – 2 loses (93.9%).

Update: While I was writing this post today has won 2 more games. So his new results are: 33 wins – 2 loses (94.3%)

Habu defended his Kisei title against Saitou Shintarou

At the final match of the Kisei tournament between Habu and Saitou the challenger wasn’t able to win. Habu won the first 2 games and Saitou won the 3rd, the Kisei tournament have a final match of 5 games so when Habu won the 4th game the title was decided.

With this victory Habu has won this title 10 times in a row (16 times in total).