WSL: Chile vs Spain

At the end of May there was again a WSL game with the Spanish team. This time was the team from Chile.

After exchange Bishops, my opponent made an opening mistake. After ▲P-2d △Px2d and ▲Rx2d I can place my Bishop at the square 5c, threatening the Rook and the Pawn at 5g. After the Rook takes the Pawn at 3d the Bishop can take the Pawn at 5g promoting into a Horse. If sente plays B*2d checking the King and attacking the Horse just playing P*3c is enough for getting the advantage. There is still no clear advantage since the Rook is an offensive piece and at the beginning of the game can be hard to use but after both Kings castle there will be more open spaces for using the Rook.

This is a typical trap for the exchange Bishop opening. You should be careful that this trick only works when in the row “h”, or “b” for gote, there are no pieces between the rook and the Gold. If for example, the Silver has been moved to 7b the Gold will be undefended.

After the exchange of the Bishop with the Rook, my opponent made a decisive mistake and I was able to fork both Bishops. With this clear advantage, it was just matter of time that my pieces entered my enemies camp and I check mate him.

Here is the evaluation log of the game.

All the members of the Spanish team won their games and thanks to this the Spanish team has taken the (temporary) 1st position of the group B. There are still 5 rounds more so it is very important to keep making points.