Fujii Souta fever!

Yesterday Fujii Souta played at the Yamada’s cup and got 3 more victories. Now he has 23 straight victories and every day he wins he becomes major news.

Yesterday, the Shogi Federation started to sell the folding fan of Fujii Souta, this is the first time that a player rated 4-dan is able to sell it. Usually, only 9-dan players sell these goods. At the Shogi Federation shop was needed to form a cue because many people wanted to buy it. This first edition is only of 300 fans.

Today the folding fan started the online sell but just in a few seconds it was sold out. I was able to get one before it. Many people also are selling this folding fan at online auctions and the price is getting more than 10 times the original price.

Some of the toys that he played with when he was a kid ha raised in popularity too.

The shogi board that he used for learn shogi has increases sells. It’s the shogi board of Kumon and it’s also sold abroad Japan at Amazon US and UK.

And also, this game called Cuboro. At this game, you need to connect cubes so the ball can move towards. It is very helpful for increase the spatial imagination.

Will he break the record of 28 straight victories??