Satou Amahiko defended his Meijin title

A few hours ago, on his 6th game for the Meijin title, Satou Amahiko was able to beat Inaba Akira. In this way, Satou will be the Meijin for one more year.

Satou took the lead the last game and didn’t let escape this chance. The game was held at the Tokiwa Hotel of the city of Koufu, at the prefecture of Yamanashi.

Inaba was playing sente and this game opening was ai-gakari. The game developed in a very slow pace, the first day they made only 30 moves until Inaba sealed his secret move for the next day.

This is position at the end of the first day. The fuujite (sealed move) of Inaba was P-3f

The next day was at a faster pace than the first one. They made some knights exchanges and the actual Meijin got the 4 knights!

With the Knights he put the challenger into a big pressure and his King became defenseless.


At this position, Inaba resign. He is lacking defensive pieces and he doesn’t have any chance of counterattack.

Satou will have to defend his title again to the next challenger that will be the winner of the group A of the Jun’i tournament.