WSL: Spain vs Ukraine

My worst game on the WSL ever. I played a really bad opening and my rival didn’t waste his chance.
I played exchange bishop but a big mistake on the move 31 allow to borisbaydenko to make a powerful attack. I tried to defend the position waiting for a mistake of my rival but the difference was too big.

Here I make a big mistake. I played B*92 with the intention of defending my Gold and my Knight. I’m also attacking the Silver on 9e and I thought that the Bishop can’t escape but the white player has a very good move Bx6g. Now is threatening Rx8g and checkmate, so I don’t have time to take the Silver and I got into a lost position. Instead of B*98 I should have played P*8c.
Luckily, the other team members won their games so Spain won 2-1 to Ukraine. The next game will be against Chile.

This is the evaluation chart of the game:

This is the classification of Division B were Spain is playing. Now there are 6 teams with 2 points each. Denmark 1 and Japan 2 are in the lead thanks to their score.

The next game of Spain is against Chile 1.