Tendo Shogi Matsuri: 2nd day morning

This Sunday there was the two big events of the festival. Along with the traditional game between pros, there was also the visit of the famous actor Kamiki Ryuunosuke and the movie director Ootomo Keishi.

When I arrived at the site I went to the information desk and asked if I could get a media pass for taking pictures above the stage. I was lucky and I got the pass so I was able to take pictures near the players.

The festival started with the dance of the “flower-pieces” of Tendo. Many women from all ages dressed in kimonos dance with sticks that have shogi pieces on their sides.

After this spectacle, it was time for the mikoshi. A mikoshi (神輿) is a divine palanquin, often resembles a miniature building, with pillars, walls, a roof, a veranda and a railing. It can weight many hundred kilos and is bring at the shoulders of many men and women.

After the mikoshi arrived the most awaited moment for many girls and women who came to Tendo for seeing his idol Kamiki. You can see many pictures of Kamiki at the post I wrote a few days ago.

After the Kamiki and Ootomo talk, Muroya and Nakamura reviewed with the help of Fujii Takeshi the Saturday’s game. They make some comments about the game.

After the review all the players started a little talk on the stage. Miura and Abe joined to Fujii, Muroya and Nakamura and talked about shogi and Tendo and how about that morning they went to eat cherries or Muroya went the night before to eat at the restaurant Suisha-soba.

Fujii Takeshi made fun of Miura due to all the accusations he suffered last year. Fujii asked Miura if he was ok since he didn’t see Miura too much recently.

All the 3 professional players (Fujii, Miura and Abe) have the same mentor, Nishimura Kazuyoshi, so there was a very good feeling in all the talk. 

After the talk, Miura and Abe started their human shogi game.