Satou Amahiko takes the lead at the Meijin final.

Last month started the 7th games final between the actual Meijin, Satou Amahiko, and the challenger Inaba Akira. The Meijin tournament is the most important of all. Only the winner of the A group is allowed to challenge the Meijin. All the players are divided into different leagues from C2 to A. The players who win the lower leagues can promotion into higher leagues so not all the players get the opportunity.
Last season winner of the group A was Inaba who won 8 games and only lost one against Watanabe Akira.

The first 4th games gave us an equal final. Each player won 2 games and anyone was able to take the lead. On the 5th game played at Kurashiki City Satou won the game providing him his 3rd victory. He will need one more game for defending the Meijin title.

The city of Kurashiki is famous in Shogi because on of the strongest Shogi players was born here. Ooyama Yasuharu (1923-1992) was the player with more titles in his possession until Habu Yoshiharu surpassed him. There is a feminine tournament called Ooyama Meijin cup Kurashiki Touka tournament where the final games are always played in the city of Kurashiki.

When the Meijin tournament is played in Kurashiki is usual the players access to the game hall riding a rickshaw.

The next game will in Koufu City. If Inaba is able to win this game the 7th and decisive game will be played in the city of Tendo.

This is what the players eat on the second day of the 5th game.

Satou Amahiko chose to eat curry and Inaba hayashi (hashed beef) rice. Many people in Japan likes to follow what the players choose to eat on their lunch breaks of the game. Some players like Katou Hifumi are well-known for eat eel at lunch and again at dinner, or some players like Moriuchi like curry. I’m thinking about to create a new section on the blog about what players eat.