Fujii Souta 17 straight victories

A few weeks ago we talked about how Fujii Souta broke the record of straight victories for a newcomer professional. But he didn’t stop there. He is still winning and now he has 17 straight victories!

Now he is on his way to broke a new record that is the most straight victories ever. Now he has 17 victories but this record was set in 28 victories by Kamiya on 1987. Maruyama got 24 victories in 1994 and tied in the third position there are Totsuda, Habu and Yamazaki with 22 victories.

Every game of Fujii is bringing more and more attention and some TV programs are following his games live. Also, he is making it on the news every new victory.

Belong the straight victory record, Fujii can be able to broke the record as the youngest title holder if he continues winning games.

His next game will be tomorrow May, 18 against Takeuchi.