How to attack the Mino castle – Part 1

This is the first part of a group of post about learning how to attack the Mino castle. Some weeks ago I showed you the basics of how to build a Mino castle. Now is the time for review the way to destroy the enemy’s Mino castle.

Let’s remember the initial position of Mino.

Here are the main ways for attack the Mino castle:

  1. Kobin (diagonal of the King)
  2. Attack the Gold on 5b.
  3. Tarefu (dangling pawn)
  4. Head of the King
  5. Attack from the extreme
  6. Using the Knights.

Kobin (diagonal of the King)

A very effective way for the attack is using the diagonal from 9a to 1i.

For this, we need to use the Bishop and the Knight. When we place our Bishop on the square 5e our opponent can’t move the pawn on 7c so we can put a piece on 7d without fear he can take it with the pawn.

This is a typical position for attack the Mino using the Bishop. The Pawn of 7c is pinned so it can’t be moved. This position there is already a tsume position. Let’s see what is the solution.

▲7四桂 △9二玉
▲8二金 △9三玉
▲6六角 △8四歩
▲N*6d △K-9b
▲G*8b △K-9c
▲B-6f △P-8d

We have to keep in mind the weak spots of the Mino.

The squares 6d and 8b are very important. On 6d we should try to place a Pawn or a Knight for an effective attack.

Let’s see another way we can destroy the Mino.

If we don’t have  a Knight we can use a Pawn on 7d. Let’s see how:

On this position sente can play P-7d. Gote can’t take the Pawn, so after he move Sente can take on 7c and Gote need to choose to take it back with the Knight or the Silver, to any of this moves Sente can play next P*7d and pin the piece.