1st Beer & Shogi tournament

Last weekend took place in The Hague the first Shogi & Beers tournament. Many players from Europe (and Japan) met in Netherlands to drink beer and, of course, to play this tournament organized by The Hague Shogi Club Tokin(Facebook).

The winner of the tournament was Twan Burg (2 Dan) from Netherlands who won all his games. The second place was for Jonatan Ruiz (2 Kyuu) from Spain with 5 points. Jonatan is in charge of the dojo in Barcelona Shogi en español (Shogi in Spanish) where many players meet every week to play Shogi. The third place, with 5 points too, was for Marc Theeuwen (4 Dan) from Netherlands. Peter Heine Nielsen (2 Dan), who I lost to at the WSL, from Denmark was 5th.

The winners of the tournament. Twan Burg (center), Jonatan Ruiz (right) and Marc Theeuwen (left).

There were 23 registered players: 11 Dutch, 3 Danish, 3 French, 2 Germans, 2 Spanish, 1 Swedish and 1 Belgian.

This is the final list with the final classification.

 This tournament also included a beer tasting event where the players were able to taste some beers. The tournament fee was 15 euro (10 euro for minors) and the entrance fee included the lunch for both days.

The number of tournaments in Europe is increasing and many countries have a dojo where you can go to play Shogi. I will try to update with more information for the next tournaments in Europe.

Some more pictures of the tournament taken by the members of Shogi en español.

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