March comes in like a lion anime

The anime of March comes in like a lion arrived at the end of his first season last Saturday. From that Saturday also the first part of the movie with real actors arrived at the cinemas. I already showed you the trailer for that movie here. The second part will be in the cinemas the 22 of April. That day the actor of the movie Kamiki will be at the city of Tendou and will have a talk show there.

The anime started to be aired on NHK channel in October of 2016 by the animation studio Shaft. This first season has 22 episodes that followed the same story as the manga. For the anime, the explanation about how to play shogi with the cats was more detailed.

The ending song of the last episode was the song from ‘Bump of Chicken’ called Fighter.

This is the video for the season 2 of March comes in like a lion.