Fujii Souta 7 games match

The internet TV provider AbemaTV is organizing a match for Fujii Souta so he can play against from the young pro players until the strongest players. Fujii became a professional last year and his first game was against Kato Hifumin making this the match between the oldest and the youngest player.

Fujii already played 6 official games since he became a professional and he doesn’t have lost any game yet. He has a 6 victory strike against very strong players. He is considered a genius in shogi and it’s only a matter of time that he get his first title.17

On the Shogi channel of AbemaTV, there are 24h programs about shogi. Mostly commented games but there are some courses too.

Fujii already played the first game of this 7 match against Masuda Yasuhiro. He is actually the second youngest player. Fujii played Bishop’s exchange opening with a quite strange position on the pawns but Fujii was able to beat Masuda.

The next game will be played today at 19h (GMT+9) against Nagase Takuya (24).

Fujii’s next opponents will be:

  • Saitou Shintarou (23)
  • Nakamura Taichi (28)
  • Fukaura Kouichi (45)
  • Satou Yasumitsu (47)
  • Habu Yoshiharu (46)


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