Karolina Styczyńska’s blog

I would like to introduce the blog from Karolina who, as many of you know, became a female professional player recently.

On this blog she will share her experience as a professional player so is a nice opportunity to know more from inside. She is writing in English and Polish.

You can read it here.


  • Marian C Ghilea

    Hi Diego,
    Great to know about Karolina’s blog. Just somehow a letter got misspelled. The real address of it is https://shogiismylife.wordpress.com (NOT https://shogiismylive.wordpress.com). Your posts are always very interesting and informative ^_^, I’m grateful to see someone like you sharing them with the world!

    • Diego

      Marian you are right!!
      Thank you very much!! I correct the address. Thank you for following the blog. I will keep posting interesting information and knowledge about shogi.