tocotoco ep.48 Manao Kagawa

On episode 48 of the Japan discovery show called tocotoco features the female shogi player Manao Kagawa. You can maybe remember her as I talk about her on my visit to the Aoba dojo and she also was on the Shogi X’mas festa.

The video is in Japanese but it includes English subtitles so you can follow it. In the video, Kagawa shows different places in Tokyo related to her life as female shogi player. The first place is the kimono shop where she buys the kimonos that she uses on the games. The next places are the temple of Hatonomori and the Shogi Federation (also this places appeared on the VR tour and the pictures I took on the sashihajimeshiki). The last place is where she meets with other people for play the social game Jinrou (know as “Are you a werewolf” or “Mafia”).

You can see the video here. Enjoy!