Kubo won the Ousho title

Kubo Toshiaki (41) won against Goda the 6th match for the Ousho title proclaiming himself the new Ousho title holder. This is the second time he gets the Ousho title after he lost it 6 years ago.

Kubo took the lead of the match when he won the first 3 games in a row but Goda was able the next two games. On the last game that started yesterday in the city of Hamamatsu. Kubo played sente (first to move) and decided to make the central rook opening. Gota’s king was in a very strange defense formation with the Silver and the Gold’s position exchange and Kubo was able to win without even need to attack directly the castle. After the 99th move where Kubo promotes his Knight on 4b Goda resigned. There is no mate but there is no hope in this position as you can see the castle of Goda (upside of the board) is very weak, especially the square 3a. Kubo can play next R*6a where he threatens the Gold on 6c and also the move R-3a+ winning the game.


Source: 将棋 久保九段 6年ぶり王将に返り咲き | NHKニュース