Tendou Cherry blossoms festival human shogi

Every year since 1956 in the city of Tendo there is a cherry blossoms festival that includes a game of human shogi.

40 people dressed in an armor and helmet, kimono and some servant clothes will be the pieces of a game of shogi between two professional players.

Picture from yamagatakankou

This year’s festival will be on April 22 and 23. On the first day, the game will be the two female professional players Muroya Yuki and Nakamura Momoko. Also after the opening ceremony is scheduled the Tendo elementary school band. On the next day, there will be a talk show with the actor Kamiki and the director Ootomo from the film March comes in like a lion. As I talked before on this blog, the movie of March comes in like a lion (3月のライオン) will be released divided into two movies and the first one will be on March 18 and the second one on April 22.

After the talk show there will be the main event of the festival. The game between the professional players Akutsu Chikara and Miura Hiroyuki. Miura has came back to the world of shogi after a third party declared that there was no proves of cheating.

I expect to attend the festival this year so I will upload the photos when I went back.

Park of Maidsuruyama where the festival will take place.