Visit famous Shogi spots in VR

For the promotion of the movie 3月のライオン a Virtual Reality tour have been created. 

This video is recorded in 360 degrees and with the help of characters from nyan shogi song in this tour you can see the Hatonomori shrine (where I take some pictures of profesional players at the new years’s ceremony) and inside the Shogi Federation building.

If you have VR you can see all around. If not, you can try to move the smartphone.


  • Marian C Ghilea

    You blog about shogi is amazing. Finally someone posting often news in English about the game. I will repost the links on my facebook go-shogi page at if that’s all right with you (I post there news about go and shogi from various sources, several times a day).

    • Diego

      Hello Marian, thank you very much!
      There are not so many blogs that keeps posting often. I am glad you liked! I will be really happy if can share my blog with people who is interested in shogi 😀