WSL: Brazil vs Spain

On Sunday I had my second game of the World Shogi League. This time the match was against the user Kambuy who represents the team of Brazil B. The game is played on the online portal 81dojo.

I decided to play the opening of tempo loss Bishop exchange. Recently I’m getting more experience with this opening and I like to play it.

Against Bishop exchange Kambuy decided to play 右玉 (right king) and bring his king to his right site of the board.

On the first moves, we both are castling our kings. I’m getting ready for make an anaguma if necessary because I think that his king will can’t have a strong protection so I will get ready for a fierce attack.

On the move 47 he makes what I think is the mistake that makes him loses the game. He plays B*6h and this move at the first glance looks like a strong move. It defends 8f so he can move the Silver of 7g freely and also attacks the anaguma targeting the squares 1c and 2d With the Bishop.
The problem with this move is that he don’t have his Bishop in hand so I can start to move my pieces without any problem.

For take profit of this move first I move my Silver to 2d. If I want build an anaguma it should be normal to move it to 2b but I want to stop his pawn go to 1e. His next move is P-2e that makes move my Silver to 1c, with this I got my silver nearer my king and also I created a weak point on 2f.

A few moves later I can take profit from this weak point with a Knight forking his King and the Lance. After I take this lance I’m sure that he can’t attack on the column 1 and it’s me who can have chances of attack there.

I made my attack on the 7th column and I was able to create a dragon taking his Gold after I made him move his Bishop. Due to his weak castle my attack I was able to take his king.

This is the last position were he resign. From this position there is checkmate in a few moves.

Evaluation of the game using Bonanza.