WSL: Denmark vs Spain

I am currently participating in the Shogi Internet World League which is hosted on the 81dojo online portal.

In this league each participating country presents teams of 3 players to play in a league with one game per month. At the level of the teams is fairly even so allowing interesting encounters.

The Spanish team is in Division B with other teams such as Denmark, Peru, Ukraine (1 and 2) Chile, Poland Brazil, Japan 2 and the Netherlands.

The pairing of the teams in the first round of the league that is played in January was the following.

Ucrania A – Holanda

Peru A – Chile A

Polonia B – Ucrania B

Japon B – Brazil B

Espanya A – Dinamarca A

As the first board of Spain’s team 1, I play against the number 1 of Denmark Peter Heine Nielsen . Nielsen, in addition to being a very strong player of shogi, it is dedicated professionally to the chess and is a great teacher with an ELO of 2645.

In the game, Nielsen got an initial advantage with an opening that caught me off guard. In a rapid attack by the center of which I had no opportunity to counterattack.

Position of the board & nbsp; after 26 moves.Here I expected a game & nbsp; calm & nbsp; and if Nielsen played & nbsp; P6e I had thought to do S4c and make a Gangi castle. >

Nielsen attacks in the center of the board without delay. (Move 33)

Although the computer says that this position is even, I did not find the right moves.

P8h is a mistake. Here you would have played S4d-5c and changed the bishops. In this way I create threats with the bishop in the squares 5e and 4f.

B * 7a is a very good move that allows the black to continue with his initiative in the attack. The idea is not Nx4e Bx8b but take the horse with the own horse Nx4e.

I still have no option to counterattack and the pieces of Nielsen are getting closer and closer to my king.

Here I try the desperate measure to try to take my king to the rival territory where it is more difficult that it can be attacked but I have lost too many pieces in the way.

Final position where I resigned.

You can see the full game here.

Graph with evaluation with advantage for Nielsen throughout the game.

The other two players of the Spanish team also lost their respective games so the match ended up with an overwhelming 3-0.