Watanabe defended Ryuuou title

On last game of the Ryuuou title celebrated at the prefecture of Niigata the days 21 and 22 of December (2016) Watanabe Akira was able to win to Maruyama. The match became a full set after Maruyama drawn it in the 6th game.

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th Total
Watanabe Akira 渡辺明 4
Maruyama Tadahisa 丸山忠久 3

This is the second longest official tournament after the Meijin tournament, it started on 1987 and Watanabe Akira is the player who has won more times (11 times). The Ryuuou tournament is the tournament with the biggest monetary price. The winner of the final will get 43.200.000 yens (around 370.000 dollars at January 10 rate) and the loser of the final game 15.900.000 (135.000 dollars).

This year Ryuuou tournament was a full set (all 7 games). Last full set was in 2008 and Watanabe won against Habu.

You can watch the last game here: