Third party committee found no clear evidences on Miura’s case

Last year Miura was accused of using some sort of devices that help him during the game. Due to the suspicious, the JSA decided to stop the Miura appearances until the end of the year. Miura was expected to play against Watanabe the Ryuuou final but it was Maruyama who play it.

December 27 a third party committee decided that there was no clear proves of Miura’s cheating and is expected to play again this month. Due to the suspension, Miura lost the 5th and 6th games due to his absence and he went to the last position of Division A.  He will not be downgraded to Division B1 and it is expected that Miura will play as the 11th player the next season.

Here are some new information about Miura’s case in English.

Third party committee report

No Evidence of Improper Conduct by Miura, but Suspension was Appropriate From Yomiuri Shinbun (sponsor of Ryuuou tournament)

Miura’s press conference

Banning Miura from playing shogi was extremely unfair

Shogi player cleared, criticizes association

JSA press conference

JSA Comment in Response to the Third-party Committee’s Investigation Report

Chief of ‘shogi’ body reinstates top player, apologizes over cheating charge

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