European Shogi Championship ESC/WOSC

2017 edition of European Shogi Championship will be held in the city of Kiev (Ukraine) on August 3-6.
Shogi players from all over Europe will meet again this year for find who is the strongest. Last year edition’s winner was Jean Fortin, who have won 5 times in the last 8 years.

The schedule for the tournament will be:

August, 3

  • Team tournament
  • Blitz tournament

August, 4

  • Round 1 ESC/WOSC
  • Round 2 ESC/WOSC
  • Round 3 ESC/WOSC

August, 5

  • Round 4 ESC/WOSC
  • Round 5 ESC/WOSC
  • Round 6 ESC/WOSC
  • Doubutsu shogi tournament
  • FESA meeting

August, 6

  • Round 7 ESC/WOSC
  • Round 8 ESC/WOSC
  • Round 9 ESC/WOSC
  • Closing/prizegiving ceremony


You can find more information at ESC tournament website.

Pictures from the last edition in Amsterdam are available here:

Pictures from the spanish team (Shogienespañol).

Pictures from Andrei Lysenka, Belarus’s team (Minsk Shogi dojo)