Satoshi: A move for tomorrow

Last month I went to see the movie Satoshi: A move for tomorrow. This film is based on the book Satoshi no Seishun that narrates the life of Murayama Satoshi.

The movie is focused on already an adult Murayama (Matsuyama Ken’ichi) only showing small fragments of his childhood. His eternal rival, Habu Yoshiharu (Higashide Masahiro), has become the new Meijin and Satoshi decides to move to Tokyo so he can be near him.

Satoshi has to fight against strong rivals and against his chronic illness. He was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome when he was a child and spend most of his youngth in a hospital.

The movie has too many scenes with no dialog, just Murayama and Habu moving their pieces and showing some scenes of daily life.

I missed some more scenes of Murayama as a boy. It would help to understand the character’s personality. Now I’m reading the book in Japanese and almost half of the book is about Murayama’s life before becoming a shogi player.

I hope this movie can get some foreign audience too. You can see the trailer here.