English live commentary on the 2nd Eiou Tournament Final

The Eiou Tournament is a competition where the best computer program will play against the winner of the Shogi player classificatory. This year final will confront the actual Meijin Satou Amahiko 佐藤天彦 against Shota Chida 翔太千田. Shota is maybe the Shogi player who knows best about computer Shogi. On the other hand, Satou nowadays holds the most important title in Shogi.

The second game will have live English commentaries performed by the Ladies Shogi player Karolina Styczynska. You can follow this match live at Nico Live site. It will start at 13:15 Japan time on Sunday, December 11th. You can create a new account for free or use your Twitter or Facebook account to access.

There will be also, a Study Room at the 81Dojo. So you can analyze and comment on other players.