Satomi defends Ouza title

Satomi Kana defended against Katou Momoko the Ouza title in a 3 wins streak. Satomi also won the Kurashiki title a few days ago so now she is a 5 title holder (Meijin, Oui, Ousho, Kurashiki and Ouza). She didn’t give Katou any chance and won 3rd match hold on Shizuoka.

Satomi was born in the city of Izumi at the prefecture of Shimane in 1992. She started to get interested in shogi at a very young age due to her family. Even her young sister, Satomi Saki, is a professional player. In January she will have to defend the Meijin title against Ueda Hatsumi.

The Women’s Ouza title is sponsored by the company Ricoh company.