Satomi wins Kurashiki Touka tournament

Satomi Kana won the Kurashiki Touka tournament in a 3 match final against Muroya Yuki.

Satomi was able to defend the title

The first game on November 8 was in the building of the Japan Federation but the last decisive two games were held in the city of Kurashiki, at the prefecture of Okayama.

The Kurashiki Touka tournament (倉敷藤花戦) is an official tournament celebrated since 1993 in the city of Kurashiki, another famous Shogi spot like Tendo, this tournament is only for female professional players and if a player can win 5 times this tournament she will be proclaimed Queen of Kurashiki Touka. The games are 2 hours by player.

This year candidate against the title defender Satomi was Muroya.

Muroya Yuki, the challenger of Kurashiki Touka tournament.

The first game at the Japanese Federation in Tokyo was won by Muroya but Satomi could overpass her on the last two games.

Position explained by professional players Sugai (left) and Yamaguchi (right)

This is the position were Muroya resigns and Satomi can keep the title.



Winner Year
Satomi Kana 2016
Satomi Kana 2015
Kai Tomomi 2014
Kai Tomomi 2013
Satomi Kana 2012
Satomi Kana 2011
Satomi Kana 2010
Satomi Kana 2009
Satomi Kana 2008
Shimizu Ichiyo 2007
Saida Haruko 2006


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