Maruyama won 2nd and 3rd game of Ryuuou final

While all the polemics about the cheating accusation of Miura storms the web the Ryuuou tournament continues. The first game was won by Watanabe Akira but Maruyama was able to tie with a fantastic game on their second match.

Last Thursday-Friday (October, 27-28) was held at the Hakone Hotel Kowakien the second match of the Ryuuou tournament between Watanabe and Maruyama.


Maruyama thinking the middle game. Picture from Ryuuou official blog.

Watanabe was Sente and the opening was again a Bishop Exchange Reclining Silver. Watanabe tried to build an anaguma moving his lance to 9h and then his king to 9i. Maruyama choose that moment for start to attack Watanabe’s king with P-6e.


Position after P-6e

After exchanging pawns Watanabe took Maruyama’s knight on 6e so he could put his pawn at 6c attacking Gote’s gold general. If Maruyama were to take the pawn Sente would be able to take the Gold General with B7b. With this movements Watanabe was able to make a tokin.


Position after P*6c

This is the position were the first day finished.


Position after B*5a

The next day after △K-3a ▲P-2d △Px2d ▲Bx2d+ △S*3c Watanabe exchange his Horse on 3c and his attack lost strength. This was Maruyama chance for start to attack precisely. Gote put a pawn on 8g to attack the weak anaguma of Watanabe.


Position after P*8g

A few moves later Maruyama got a decisive advantage and won the game.


Maruyama (left) and Watanabe (right) analyzing the game. Picture from Ryuuou official blog.

You can watch the game here.

The third match was held at the city of Tendo, famous for its craftsman of Shogi boards and pieces, on the days 7 and 8 of November.


Actual Ryuuou title holder Watanabe Akira. Picture from Ryuuou official blog.

Both players wanted to make a slow pace game so they built an anaguma.


Position after S-7g

Watanabe tried to attack first and Maruyama fight back. Both attack were very powerful but it was Maruyama who finally checkmated Watanabe’s king.


Maruyama happy after he won the game. Picture from Ryuuou official blog.

You can watch the third game here.

With this victory Maruyama takes the lead on the Ryuuou tournaments. With 2 more victories he will become the new Ryuuou.

Player / Game 1st 2ns 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th