Satoshi no Seishun

「Satoshi no Seishun」 – (Satoshi: A move for tomorrow) is a non-fiction novel written by Oosaki Yoshio 16 years ago edited by the Kadokawa Corp.

Oosaki Yoshio was born in Sapporo, Hokkaido. His neighbor was Harada Yasuko (1928-2009), a famous japanese writer who also had interest in Shogi. Oosaki’s grandfather, father, uncle and big brother were doctors so they expected that he would became a doctor too. Against his family opinion he went to study to Tokyo.


Oosaki Yoshio – Picture for Manichi Shimbun from Yamada Shigeo

On his student life at university in become passionate in foreign writers like Philip K. Dick or Robert A. Heinlein and shoujo manga. He left studies and work and went everyday to the Shogi club in Shinjuku were he became quite strong. The master of the club introduced him to the Japan Association so he started to work writing for different magazines about Shogi.

When Oosaki was 42 years old he received the assignment to write the non-fiction novel Satoshi no Seishun. This novel was about Murayama Satoshi, a Shogi player who died at 29. Satoshi was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome when he was 5 years old. He spent his childhood living in the hospital where his father taught him how to play shogi. He became one of the strongest players of Shogi at the same level as Habu Yoshiharu.


Book cover

This novel was adapted into a drama in 2001 and it is expected a movie also in November of 2016.