Masuda wins Shinjin Tournament

Masuda Yasuhiro won the Shinjin Tournament on October, 11 against Ishida Naohiro.

shinjin_masuda_ishidaMasuda (on the right) playing against Ishida. © Akahata Shimbun

The Shinjin Tournament is sponsored by the Akahata Shimbun, the newspaper of the Japanese Communist Party, and only can take part shogi players who are under 26 years old, under 5-dan some female players and the champion of Akahata amateur tournament.

Players    /     Games 1st 2nd 3rd
石田直裕 Ishida Naohiiro
増田康宏 Masuda Yasuhiro Winner

Here is the game between Masuda and Ishida.  Ishida decided a 4th file ranging rook and protect his king with a Takamino, Masuda pick out a left Mino. Very interesting position at the move 106 with Masuda checkmating Ishida’s king.

(棋譜を見やすい将棋盤で表示するために,Fireworks さんが作成されたアニメーション付棋譜再現プレーヤー 「フラ盤」を使用させていただいています.)