Summary of news about Miura’s case

Summary of facts that appeared on news:

  • Miura stand up and went to a different room different room more than usual since July-August.
  • Some players suspect Miura was using some software or external help.
  • 26 September there is a monthly meeting with some Shogi players. It is exposed that all electronics devices should be forbidden.
  • 3 October, Miura won his last match against Watanabe. Watanabe, clearly upset, leaves the room without any comments about the game.
  • 5 October, the Shogi Federation announces new rule regarding mobile phones and other electronic devices.
  • 7 October, the director of Shogi Federation calls Watanabe (who is expected to be Miura’s rival at Ryuuou final game.
  • 10 October, there is a meeting with top players (Watanabe Akira, Shima Akira, Habu Yoshira, Satou Amahiko, Tanigawa Hiroshi, Satou Yasumitsu Kubo Toshiaki, and Chida Shouta)
  • On this meeting no one believes that Miura is innocent.
  • A Shogi player assert that he teach Miura a mobile aplication for use PC remotely called Team Viewer.
  • They meet with Miura and after they finish talking a worker of Federation go to Miura’s home with him and confiscate Miura’s computer.
  • 11 October, Miura denies all accusations and he says that can’t play the Ryuuou games under suspicion, then Shogi Federation ask him to implement  the absence notification before day 12.
  • 12 October, Miura didn’t apply the notification so Federation decide to punish him for this.
  • 12 October Shogi Federation announces that the final of Ryuuou will be Watanabe against Maruyama.
  • 15 October, first match of Ryuuou title, Watanabe wins to Maruyama.
  • 18 October, in a letter to the news Miura sticks to his innocence. He says that he had pictures of his laptop and mobile phones. He declares that federation punished him without further investigation and without any prove. He is willing to help with the federation investigation.
  • Habu used his wife’s twitter account for clarify even he thinks is very likely that Miura cheated shouldn’t be punished if there is no prove. In dubio pro reo.

Here is a summary of news in English about the accusation of Miura using some software.
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Shogi association to set up investigative team to look into cheating allegations – Mainichi (22/10/2016)
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