March comes in like a lion’s game

Last Saturday was aired on NHK the second chapter of 3月のライオン March comes in like a lion. During the episode was aired a Shogi game that corresponded to Habu and Fujii 16 years ago while they were disputing Ryuuou title.

Habu’s wife twitted that on Saturday night while she was seeing the anime whith her husband. Habu remembered that game, even 16 years have already past. Here is the tweet of Habu’s wife with the translation below.

Habu: This is my game with Fujii…

Habu’s wife: Which one are you?

Habu: Kiriyama’s side.


You can watch this game here.

(棋譜を見やすい将棋盤で表示するために,Fireworks さんが作成されたアニメーション付棋譜再現プレーヤー 「フラ盤」を使用させていただいています.)