Watanabe won first Ryuuou’s game

Saturday 14 in the middle of a big controversy regarding Miura’s ban was held in the Kyoto shrine of Tenryuuji the first match of the final of Ryuuou’s title.

Maruyama choosed the same opening as Miura did on Jun’i tournmanent on October 3 against Watanabe. In a very difficult position Miura won the game. This time Watanabe was ready for this opening and made a change on the 30st move. On the game against Miura, Watanabe moved △P-44 but after ▲B-71 △R-72 ▲Nx53 △K-51 ▲N-61 △Kx61 and promoting the bishop with ▲B-44+ there were too many complications.

After P-44

Position after P-44 of Miura – Watanabe

Position after B-44+

Position after B-44

Maruyama made a few mistakes and the game end quite soon with the Maruyama’s King in the center of the board surrounded by Watanabe pieces.


Picture taken after the game finished. Fujii Souta looking the game from behind.

Picture taken from official Ryuuou blog

You can watch all the game here:

(棋譜を見やすい将棋盤で表示するために,Fireworks さんが作成されたアニメーション付棋譜再現プレーヤー 「フラ盤」を使用させていただいています.)

With this victory Watanabe takes the lead on the Ryuuou tournament. The next game will be held on October 27-28 in Hakone, Kanagawa.