Miura 9-Dan will not play Ryuuou final


Miura Hiroyuki 9-Dan

Next Saturday was expected to start the final games of the Ryuuou tournament between Miura 9-Dan and Watanabe (Ryuuou title holder). Yesterday night there was a big uproar on twitter due to the sudden news of Miura been absent to the match and will not play any game until December 31.

As I explained on the post I write before, it was expected to implement new rules regarding mobile phones on December, some people are relating these two events.

The Japanese Shogi Association didn’t give a proper explanation yet, they just got suspicious of Miura because he “stand up and leave the room” too many times. There are no proves that Miura used any help at his games and he denies all the accusations.

Miura said that while he is under suspicions he can’t play shogi so he asked to be absent, Miura didn’t issued this notification on time (he had less than a day to do it) so Japan Shogi Association decided to discard Miura from the Ryuuou final agains Watanabe for avoid future problems. Miura decided to talk with his lawyer about this situation.

The opponent of Watanabe will be Maruyama.