Shogi in culture – March comes in like a lion

March comes in like a lion – 3月のライオン – is a manga that started to serialize as a manga on year 2007 at the magazine Young Animal.

Marzo llega como un leon

The series are set in Tokyo and is about a 17 years old Shogi Player named Kiriyama Rei. He lost his parents in a car accident when he was in primary school and a friend of his father, a Shogi player called Koda Masachika – 幸田 柾近 – took care of him and also teach him how to play Shogi. Rei becomes a professional player when he is in middle school (Fujii Souta did the same last month). When Rei enters high school he starts to live alone. He can’t make any friends at school and he only is connected to the 3 Kawamoto sisters. Akari Kawamoto is the oldest and take care of the other two since their mother died. Hinata is the second one, she goes to middle school and love to make bentos. Momo is the smallest one, she is still a preschool student.

March comes in like a lion

Other characters are Nikaidou Harunobu- 二海堂晴信 -, the self-proclaimed Rei’s best friend and eternal rival. He is also a shogi player who is chronically ill.

As the story goes on we can see how Rei have to mature as a person and as a Shogi player.

This manga is written by a mangaka under the pen name of Umino Chika.

The next Saturday (October,9) will also start the anime of March comes in like a lion.