Habu defended Oui Title

Monday 26 and Tuesday 27 was held on the japanese inn Jinya the 7th game of the Oui tournament final. Habu, 羽生, was defending his title against Kimura Kazuki, 木村一基.

Players/Game 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Habu Yoshiharu
Kimura Kazuki

The game started on Monday 26 and after a few hours they stopped and continued the next day. Every player have 8 hours to play so it can be very long games, it’s not unusual that a player uses 2 or 3 hours thinking the next move.

Habu and Kimura chose the Side Pawn Captura Opening. This jouseki allows a very fierce attack for both players that usually leads to a fast end of the game. After exchange bishops on 5五 (5e), move 42, Habu got a very strong rook, later Kimura had no other options than exchange the rook for a knight and a lance. After Kimura had his King surrounded by Habu’s pieces he didn’t have more options than to surrender.

You can watch the game here.

Habe have won the Oui Title for 6 consecutives years.
2016 Habu
2015 Habu
2014 Habu
2013 Habu
2012 Habu
2011 Habu
2010 Hirose
2009 Fukaura
2008 Fukaura
2007 Fukaura
2006 Habu
2005 Habu
2004 Habu
2003 Tanigawa
2002 Tanigawa
2001 Habu
2000 Habu