Shogi Openings – 定跡

The Jouseki (定跡) is a sequence of recommend moves in the opening that have as a objective look for the protection of the own king and set pieces for a successful attack. There are too many different opening each one with a lot of variants.

The openings usually are classified in static rook (居飛車 ibisha) or ranging rook (振り飛車 furibisha).

If the rook stays on the right columns it is called ibisha (remember the start rook position here). The most famous openings in japanese chess as ibisha are:

  • Yagura (矢倉)
  • Bishop Exchange (角換わり)
  • Side Pawn Capture (横歩取り)

Instead, if the rook is moved to the center or to the left columns is called furibisha. Some of the most famous openings for furibisha are:

  • Cheerful Central Rook (ゴキゲン中飛車)
  • Ishida Style (石田流)
  • Fourth File Rook (四間飛車)