Fujii Sota sets new record as the youngest Shogi Player

A second grade student set a new record as the youngest Shogi player when he got his 4-Dan the Saturday 3rd of September in 2016, he is the first 21st Century born professional player. He was 14 years and 2 months old at the moment he broke the previous record that was set by Kato Hifumi (加藤一二三) 62 years ago. Fujii Souta (藤井聡太) started to play Shogi when he was 5 years old and he got the Shodan (初段) Diploma when he was at first grade.

He entered the Shoureikai, a training institution for Shogi players who can became professional players, in 2012 and promoted to the 3-Dan league. This 3-Dan started in April and he won 13 games and lost five.

There are only 5 Shogi players who become professional as a second grade student. Fujii Souta (14 years 2 months), Kato Hifumi (14 years 7 months), Taniga Kouji (14 years 8 months), Habu Yoshiharu (15 years 3 monts) and Watanabe Akira (15 years 11 months).


Image from Japan Shogi Association