Fujii Souta wins the Shinjin tournament and breaks a new record

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Fujii Souta has won the second game of the Shinjin tournament against Deguchi, the other finalist, who is still in the shoreikai league. This is second title of Fujii since he won the Asahi cup in February. 結果速報【第49期新人王戦 決勝三番勝負】10/17(水) 藤井聡太七段 vs.出口若武三段の第2局は、藤井七段が105手までで勝利し、自身最後の新人王戦を優勝、そして新人王戦優勝の最年少記録を31年ぶりに更新しました。ただいま感想戦を生放送中です。 ▼視聴https://t.co/qF7Jkha9rm pic.twitter.com/vzvuc6m6rB — ニコ生公式_将棋 (@nico2shogi) October 17, 2018 They played they the reclining silver exchange bishop openning and it looked like Fujii got this openning prepared before the game. Until this position both players…

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Watanabe recovers and wins the third game of the Ryuuou tournament

On the third game of the Ryuuou tournament played in Gunma Watanabe was able to recover from his previous two lost and won his game against Habu. 【第30期竜王戦 七番勝負】渡辺明竜王 vs.羽生善治棋聖の第3局は、渡辺竜王が108手までで勝利し、対戦成績を1勝2敗としました。第4局は11/23・24に新潟県三条市の嵐渓荘で行われます。現在、感想戦を生放送中です。 ●視聴→ https://t.co/gHL8qXV3l3 pic.twitter.com/2Rs8ISz4HC — ニコ生公式_将棋 (@nico2shogi) November 5, 2017 After this weekly meeting of players on the Ryuuou title match there will be a small break until the next game. They will meet again in the prefecture of Niigata at the ryokan named Rankei the days…

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America wins the International Shogi Forum


Last weekend in KitaKyuushuu there was the International Shogi Forum. This event happens once every 3 years and the strongest players around the world meet in maybe the most important tournament for foreigners. Three years ago this tournament was in Shizuoka and I was able to visit it but this year due to personal reasons I couldn’t go. The winner in Shizuoka was the special invited representative from Japan. A schoolboy. This year, the invited player from…

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Second game of the Ryuuou tournament


Today in Oofunato, prefecture of Iwate, there will be the second match of the Ryuuou title. Habu won the first game played a few days ago. [竜王戦中継ブログ]対局検分: 16時30分ごろ、対局場の「大船渡市民文化会館」で、対局検分が行われました。 対局検分は、対局に使う盤駒、対局場の温度や明るさが対局に適したものであるかを確認することです。今回は特に問題なく、… https://t.co/TWKEcmMFwj pic.twitter.com/74XAbs5CkQ — 棋戦中継ブログ更新通知bot (@shogilive_blog) October 27, 2017 If you want to watch the game online you can try this link. http://sp.live2.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv306361793?ref=sharetw

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