New shogi tv show: Shogi Meshi


The manga of Shogi Meshi has got his adaptation to a mini-TV show thanks to the Fuji channel. It is broadcast at 2:30 of Wednesday night but it can rewatch on Fuji on demand app for mobile phone. There are 8 episodes of 20 minutes each. 将棋めし2話を見逃した方❤️ 【無料】第二食 2017/8/8放送 欲張りの特上ちらし! – FOD – フジテレビの動画配信サービス ここから見るのだ😳❣️ — 内田理央←だーりお (@lespros_rio) August 10, 2017 This manga started last year in August and sold his first volume in…

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