Cellphones banned at Shogi games


  This month the Japanese Shogi Association announced new rules for professional shogi games. The cellphone will be banned and the players can not go outside during the game. Recently, more powerful Shogi programs have been developed so the Japan Shogi Association is trying to avoid any scandal about players using cellphones. In the recent years there have been some scandals on the chess world related to mobile phone, some players have been banned for using the…

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Opening of March comes in like a lion


Finally the anime of March comes in like a Lion was aired on japanese public TV NHK. It was a nice chapter where we were introduced to the main characters very loyal to the manga. The anime had a great reception for all shogi fans and for anime viewers.

The opening song, called Fighter, was made by Bump of Chicken.

3月のライオン meets BUMP OF CHICKEN


Tendo Shogi pieces Festival in Tokyo


  Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 was held on Tokyo city the festival of Shogi pieces of the city of Tendo 天童市. Tendo is a small city in the prefecture of Yamagata. It is know by his famous craftsman (the best boards and pieces are done at this city), and all the city is decorated with shogi motif. On the exposition there were some pieces and boards made by different craftsman and even you could…

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Week Results (3/10 – 9/10)


  Monday 3 新人王戦 第1局 ● 石田直裕 x 増田康宏 ○ Shinjin Tournament Ishida Nakahiro Masuda Yasuhiro 竜王戦5組 昇決 ○ 阪口悟 x 宮田敦史 ● Ryuuou Tournament Sakaguchi Satoru Miyata Atsushi 順位戦A級 ○ 三浦弘行 x 渡辺明 ● Jun’i Tournament Miura Hiroyuki Watanabe Akira 王位戦 予選 ● 久保利明 x 澤田真吾 ○ Oui Tournament Kubo Toshiaki Sawada Shingo 王位戦 予選 ○ 今泉健司 x 牧野光則 ● Oui Tournament Imaizumi Kenji Makino Mitsunori 王座戦 一次予選 ○ 梶浦宏孝 x 日浦市郎 ● Ouza…

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