Keikyuu Shogi Matsuri


  Every year, at the department store of the Keikyuu line of Kamiooka station in Yokohama there is a shogi festival for 3 days where many players are invited. I was able to assist the second and the third day. On the second day, I made a fast visit and I got the autograph of Karolina Styczyńska and took some photos of Nakamura Taichi and Saito Shintaro. They are called by the fans as the…

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What is the rank system (dan) for Shogi?


  Many of you maybe know about the rank system in shogi from some martial art like karate or judo but some of you may not know what is the meaning of the words “dan”  and “kyuu”. What means dan / kyuu? The word dan, 段, comes from the japanese means literally step or stage but it is used for indicating the rank or grade as the level of expertise and knowledge. The kyuu, 級, is…

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Sugai Tatsuya steals the Oui title from Habu


  On August 30, Sugai Tatsuya (菅井 竜也) got his 4th victory against Habu Yoshiharu and proclaimed himself with the Oui title. He is the first shogi player born in the Heisei era who got a title and this can mark a change. The final result of the match was 4 – 1 with the victory of the young challenger. 【#将棋 ニュース】菅井竜也七段が初タイトル!羽生善治三冠に4勝1敗/将棋・王位戦七番勝負|Abema TIMES #AbemaTV — AbemaTV 将棋ch【公式】 (@abematv_shogi) August 30, 2017 Sugai played a very…

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Tendo Human Shogi: Miura vs Abe game


  After the talk of the players and all the other amenities at the morning the game of human shogi between Miura and Abe started. As the previous day, the Chairman of the game was the feudal lord Oda Nobunaga. Again, his two vassals needed to fight in front of their Lord. For this day, the people who play as a shogi piece are selected from many candidates so people from all Japan go to…

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