Masuda wins again the Shinjin tournament


  For the second year in a row, Masuda has won the Shinjin tournament. This tournament is for players under 26 years old and with a rank less than 6 dan. The challenger this year was again Sasaki Daichi. He beat Fujii Souta at the quarter-final match but lost 2 games against Masuda at the final.   You can watch the game here:   [新人王戦中継ブログ]ご観戦ありがとうございました: 以上で本局の中継を終了いたします。来期の新人王戦もどうぞお楽しみに。 (第48期新人王の栄冠をつかんだ増田四段) (睡蓮) — 棋戦中継ブログ更新通知bot (@shogilive_blog) October 16,…

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Human shogi at Sekigahara


  Last weekend there was a human shogi exhibition in Sekigahara. This is the first time that this type of event is held in Sekigahara. Other famous human shogi battles are held on Himeji and Tendo. The Meijin Satou Amahiko faced Yamazaki Takayuki in the recreation of the battle of Sekigahara. Sekigahara is at the prefecture of Gifu, between Nagoya and Kyoto, and is the spot of the most famous battle in Japan. The battle of…

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‘I have a car…’


  Yes, I know this is a strange title for a shogi post but this has a reason.  This weekend I will appear on japanese TV!! And not only this! I will appear on a program about shogi! There is a TV program on the TV Tokyo named ‘I have a car…’ (車あるんですけど) where they borrow a car to someone so he can go where he wants. This week, a professional model, a japanese comedian…

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Nakamura takes the Ouza title from Habu


  Yesterday, on the 4th game of the Ouza title match Nakamura Taichi won Habu Yoshiharu proclaiming himself the new title holder. Nakamura, 29 years old, is young shogi player from Tokyo. Nowadays he is the main face of the shogi program at the NHK channel. ご視聴いただきましてありがとうございました(*^_^*)解説の佐藤NHK杯と中村六段とです。来週のNHK杯も引き続きよろしくお願いいたします。今日の将棋フォーカスは午後4時30分からとなっていますので、そちらもぜひご覧ください。 — 藤田 綾 (@aya_fjt) September 3, 2017 Picture of Fujita Aya (center), Satou Yasumitsu (left) and Nakamura Taichi. Nakamura has become very famous among shogi fans, specially…

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Hifumin and March comes in like a lion


  Last month was released the newest volume of the manga March comes in like a lion. This is the volume number 13 and it has been released almost 1 year after the volume 12.  ひふみん、「3月のライオン」を読み「猫ちゃんが主人公なの?」CM公開(動画あり) — コミックナタリー (@comic_natalie) September 28, 2017 The anime of this manga has been aired on the NHK channel and 2 movies based on the manga roled by Kamiki Ryuunosuke were a big hit on japanese cinemas. For this 13th volume a CM is been…

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