Masuda wins again the Shinjin tournament


For the second year in a row, Masuda has won the Shinjin tournament. This tournament is for players under 26 years old and with a rank less than 6 dan. The challenger this year was again Sasaki Daichi. He beat Fujii Souta at the quarter-final match but lost 2 games against Masuda at the final.   You can watch the game here:   [新人王戦中継ブログ]ご観戦ありがとうございました: 以上で本局の中継を終了いたします。来期の新人王戦もどうぞお楽しみに。 (第48期新人王の栄冠をつかんだ増田四段) (睡蓮) — 棋戦中継ブログ更新通知bot (@shogilive_blog) October 16, 2017…

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Masuda wins Shinjin Tournament

Masuda Yasuhiro won the Shinjin Tournament on October, 11 against Ishida Naohiro. Masuda (on the right) playing against Ishida. © Akahata Shimbun The Shinjin Tournament is sponsored by the Akahata Shimbun, the newspaper of the Japanese Communist Party, and only can take part shogi players who are under 26 years old, under 5-dan some female players and the champion of Akahata amateur tournament. Players    /     Games 1st 2nd 3rd 石田直裕 Ishida Naohiiro…

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