Tendou Cherry blossoms festival human shogi


Every year since 1956 in the city of Tendo there is a cherry blossoms festival that includes a game of human shogi. 40 people dressed in an armor and helmet, kimono and some servant clothes will be the pieces of a game of shogi between two professional players. Picture from yamagatakankou This year’s festival will be on April 22 and 23. On the first day, the game will be the two female professional players Muroya…

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New year’s Shogi ceremony

Satou Amahiko Mejin

On January 5, I was able to attend a guest thanks to Terao Manabu, director of the NPO ISPS ( International Shogi Popularization Society ) To the Shogi New Year’s Ceremony in Japanese sashi hajime shiki 指し初め式. In this ceremony carried out by the priests of the temple next to the federation building, players who currently have a title present their respects to an altar with the form of a giant Shogi piece. At the…

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Shogi X’Mas Festa


On Saturday, December 17, I wen to the Christmas party organized by the Japanese Shogi Federation. This event was attended by several players like Satou Yasumitsu, Moriuchi Toshiyuki, Nakamura Osamu, Hashimoto Takanori, Nishio Akira, Sanmaidou Tatsuya and also players like Kai Tomomi, Kagawa Manao, Nakamura Marika, Suzuki Kanna, Yamaguchi Eriko, Totsuda Erika. The party was divided into two parts, the first from 14 to 16 and the second from 17:20 to 20:00. Between the two…

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Aoba Shogi Dojo

On Saturday, November 5, I went to the opening ceremony of the new Yokohama Shogi dojo named Aoba. This dojo is run by the professional Shogi player Moriuchi Toshiyuki. The day of the opening was attended by Moriuchi in addition to the player Kagawa Manao who offered a session of simultaneous games in which I had the opportunity to participate. Until now this dojo was only used for the classes for children offered by the…

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